What makes a great franchise?

Some people may think that a team's on-court performance should determine their ranking, however, we feel that it's a team's off-court performance that determines their greatness.

With that thought in mind, we present to you ... the eight greatest franchises in the history of Dodgeball for Diabetes.

The Great Eight

1 Head Count (7 years 36-8, 76-23) Formerly Candy, Inc., then the Interstate Quackers. What can we say about this franchise? Well for starters this franchise raised $13,924.40. Including a single season record of $4,344.75.They raised over $5,000 in the Junior Circuit.

2 Fear the Beard (9 years, 41-11, 86-36) Talk about a list of team names the Rappers, the Exterminators, Justice League, Natural Disasters, Justice League (again), Death on Arrival, Killing for a Cause, and finally Fear the Beard. Though their name changed over the years, their money raising remained consistent ... and they raised $8,609.

3 Dodge Balsagna (6 years, 24-10, 51-25) Another franchise that can't exactly stick with just one name. They've been known as the Cavemen, Cerial Killers, Candy Shop, Dodgefathers and the Sweet Redeemers in the past. What they have done is raise $6,631. And they've got two more years of eligibility left.

4 Just Avoid It (8 years, 32-17, 70-45) Starting out as the Exterminators, after one year, founding fathers Mike and Chad Lammer and Evan Hornberger became known as The Natural Disaster, Farmville Fighters, Pumping Iron before settling on Just Avoid It as seniors. They raised $5,561 to date.

5 The Dodgers (3 years 25-2, 53-6) Arguably one of the greatest dodgeball teams ever assembled. They finished their scholastic career with only two losses. This franchise started out in the Senior Circuit and raised $4,484.82 in only three years. In the spring of 2006 they claimed their first championship as sophomores, and in the Fall of 2007 they claimed their second as Seniors. They never changed franchise names, and will forever be remembered as THE Dodgers.

6 South of Center (7 years 17-22, 37-48) Starting out as The Killer Bees, then El Toro Locos they have raised $3,933.

7 Duck Dodgesty (5 years 12-13, 28-29) Starting out as Hit n' Run, Sesame Street Showdown, Febreze Brothers this franchise has raised $2,558.05.

8 Steel Curtain (2 years 7-8, 19-19) The only adult franchise in the Great Eight, this Franchise started as the O's before changing their calling card to the Steel Curtain. They have raised $1,345.