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Hello Dodgeball Fans! We've had to make a late minute rule change for this year's eighth annual Ephrata Dodgeball Tournament. Sadly, we've decided to eliminate an aspect of the game that we used to enjoy watching. However the last few tournaments this allowance has been abused. Players have gotten more and more aggressive, to the point where we've even seen small children, who were merely spectating, shoved out of the way to retrieve a ball out of bounds.

We realized last year that it was only a matter of time until someone got hurt. And that's simply not acceptable.

Ergo, the boundaries have been re-defined. There will no longer be two "gates" at the back corner to exit the field of play to retrieve balls out of bounds. There will only be one gate, and it will be on the right side of your teams' court. Any exit of the playing field through the left side of the court will constitute in that player being declared out.

This means that there will no longer be races or confrontations for balls out of bounds, your team will only have access to balls laying out of bounds on the right side of the court [when facing the center line].

We've added a new rules PDF in the download section. The only change is the item mentioned here.

Let's have fun, let's play honest, and let's make a difference!

The Ephrata Basketball Booster club and have teamed up once again by sponsoring the seventh annual dodgeball tournament to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The tournament will be held November 11th through the 12th at the Ephrata Senior High School. Team schedules will be announced here no later then Wednesday November 9th. Deadline for registrants is October 26th. All three divisions will start playing Friday night and finish on Saturday.

You will have to turn in a parent signed waiver form if you are under the age of 18. These waiver forms can be picked up from Mr. Geyer (Ephrata High School), or Mr. Sweigart (Ephrata Middle School). The are also available on this website under the "downloads" tab.

If you aren't playing in the tournament, please consider sponsoring someone that is in the tournament. All paypal donations to this site between September 27th and November 13th, will be earmarked for the seventh annual Ephrata tournament.

And of course you can always go directly to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and from there you can follow the links to their page for donations.

Click here to jump to the downloads section (waiver, donation sheet, rules, etc.) for this tournament!

We will make a difference!

Preparations have begun for the eighth annual Ephrata Dodgeball Tournament. This year's tournament will once again be sponsored by and the Ephrata Basketball Booster Club.

The tournament dates have been set for November 11th and the 12th.

There will once again be three divisions, the three brackets age requirements are the same this year: Rookie (5th and 6th only), Junior (7th and 8th), and High School (9th through 12th).

Now available for download are entry forms and rules. In about a week, entry forms should be available from Mr. Geyer (High School) and Mr. Sweigart (Middle/Intermediate School).

Click here to jump to the downloads section (waiver, donation sheet, rules, etc.) for this tournament!

Announcements will appear here, in school, and on the website.


It's a wrap! This past weekend three more champions were crowned. The great news is that almost $14,000 was raised! We have now raised over $84,000 for Juvenile Diabetes. The student body came through again, with 11 out of 51 Scholastic teams raising more then double the minimum entrance fee. Congratulations to all teams!

A sneak peak at the champions reveals that Relentless claimed their first Junior Circuit Championship, while Headcount earned their first Senior Circuit Championship. In the Rookie Circuit the core group of the Army of Ballers ... now known as Mario Mafia repeated last year's effort taking that championship.

Mario Mafia (6-0), was the only team to finish the tournament undefeated. They finished the tournament losing only two games, finishing with a (6-0, 12-2) record, as they cruised through the playoff portion with a perfect (3-0, 6-0) playoffs.

Click here to view the results from the Seventh Annual tournament.

Tomorrow, Wednesday (October 27th) is the registration deadline. All registration forms must be handed in by the end of the day.

Due to the cost of supplies and in fairness to other teams, monies collected after Wednesday but before the start of the tournament will NOT count toward the earning of a beanie or toward the overall amount raised in competition for any other prizes. However, any donations turned in after the cutoff date, will still go to JDRF, and WILL count towards the team requirement for JDRF bands and tournament t-shirts.

You can turn paperwork into Mr. Geyer at the High School, Mr. Sweigart at the Middle School or the paperwork can be delivered to my house.

Schedules will appear by Wednesday November 10th at the latest.